Its Important to do regular maintenance on your suit to extend its "life" and keep it looking brand new!

What to wear 

It is highly recommended that you invest in a couple sets of underarmour tops and bottoms to wear under your costume. It will not only help wick away sweat and keep you cooler, but also keep the suit dry and clean longer. Its definitely worth the money and helps keep your suit nice.


How you store your suit is a very important part of overall costume care. You want to keep it somewhere that isn't too hot, cold or damp. A dry, room temperature place is ideal. Hanging your bodysuit up will keep it nice and prevent the fur from getting permanent creases or crimps like it would if kept stuffed in a container. Its very important to make sure it's dry before storing to prevent mold from forming.


A hard plastic suitcase is suggested for transporting your suit to and from events. Having it in a sturdy case will keep it safe from the elements and getting damaged. Always take extra care when packing your suit up. Don't squish any parts just to make them fit, they could potentially get stuck that way.  Some people even write notes to advise TSA to handle their costumes with care.

Cleaning Body and Paws

To clean the body and paws, fill up a bathtub with cold water and place them in. Add gentle deteregent such as Woolite to the water. Use your fingers to scrub into the fur and pay particular attention to areas that are the dirtiest. You want to work the soap in and the dirt out, but don't scrub so hard your re damaging the fur! Carefully flip the suit inside out and do the same. Once satisfied with scrubbing you will want to drain the water and fill the tub up with water again to give the suit a light rinse. Then drain all the tub and make sure you squish as much water out of the suit as possible.

photo_2017-02-05_17-42-36 (2).jpg

Place your suit in a laundry basket or something to transport it to your washer. Evenly distribute the suit inside the washer and set it to a cold gentle rinse, just a rinse and spin. Having it spin will rid the suit of a lot of water and help make sure all the detergent gets rinsed out. Once done, turn your suit right side out again and it should be dry/light enough to hang up. Hang it on a hanger and give the suit a good brushing. You should use a fan to help with the drying process. About every hour be sure to check on your suit and brush it again to make sure it dries nicely.

Same process for the paws but without turning inside out. Feet paws may take days to dry so be one hundred percent positive they are dry before storing. Place them directly in front of a fan so the air blows inside of them. 

Cleaning Head

You may clean the inside of your head with a mixture of two parts water, one part alcohol in a spray bottle. Be sure not to spray on the eyes and to use lightly. The mixture will help santize your suit without the chemical affects that frebreze and other deodorizers have. The outside can be spot cleaned with Folex. Do not attempt to machine wash your head, if you wish to deep clean it please consult us via email for more help! 

Other Tips

Do not use any form of heat such as dyer, hair dryer, or iron. These could melt the fur and do more harm than good.

Always be cautious of your surroundings when suiting and avoid dirty/messy areas, it will help keep your suit cleaner longer. 

Folex spot cleaner is highly recommended for spot cleaning your suit. 

*these are general cleaning tips, some suits may need different, special care. When in doubt, simply ask.